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When we set about forming this organization (CDWPA), we did so at the request of several professional members who were concerned about maintaining consistency and continuity in the teaching/judging of Cowboy Dressage.  This organization is set up to support and further educate our dedicated Cowboy Dressage professionals, and to protect them from others who are indiscriminate in using the name of Cowboy Dressage to further their own businesses.  By uniting as a group, we can set and maintain standards for educating, negotiate lower fees on things such as insurance, etc., and offer educational opportunities geared toward our professionals who then can pass on the education to their local audience.

We strive to make the Cowboy Dressage Professionals one of the most well-educated and well-supported groups of Professionals in the Equine industry.


The CDWPA (Cowboy Dressage® World Professional Association) has been formed to provide further education, guidance, and support to Cowboy Dressage® professionals. Through education, Cowboy Dressage® World Partners hope to build a community of professionals who can provide consistency throughout their educational methods who support the concepts of “Soft Feel”, “Keeping the Try”, and “The Cowboy Dressage® Handshake”. “Recommended” CDWPA Members understand that the philosophies and concepts presented in Cowboy Dressage® can only be maintained for future generations by building a community of “like-minded” individuals who are willing to stay true to the vision and mission of Cowboy Dressage®.

CDWPA Members will be encouraged to both Intern and Mentor as part of this program. Members will also be expected to volunteer their time for furthering the education of the Cowboy Dressage® community. It is our goal to achieve a unique group of professional’s unlike any in the equine industry, professionals who are dedicated, community-minded, and always trying to better the general understanding of Cowboy Dressage®: Soft Feel, Partnership, and Harmony between horse and rider, while maintaining the qualities of the Cowboy Dressage® “Handshake”.

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BENEFITS OF CDWPA MEMBERSHIP Members who have adequate professional experience and practice of true soft feel may be “Recommended” as an official professional in Cowboy Dressage®. On an on-going basis, CDWPA develops special resources and opportunities not available to anyone else. The fast-track to professional success. Communicate with like-minded professionals, sharing tips, opportunities and encouragement. Members …

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Prospective members shall complete and document the requirements of their preferred membership level.  Once you complete the requirements, fill out and submit the application with documentation.  Upon receiving recommendation, provide dues/fees and current contact information.  Welcome to CDWPA!! New members will be added to our CDWPA mailing list and private Facebook page.  This page can …

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